How it started

It all began at the dinner table, as per usual when pairing a new wine to enhance the meal was imperative. Our founder, Monica Silva, would avidly try all types of wines to find the perfect glass to pair with her meal. The mere marriage of wine and food was such a fun and delightful experience for Monica that she soon became completely consumed with learning anything and everything wine.


Enthusiasm, passion, and determination lead to the birth and production of Impreziv Wines as it’s what Impreziv is built on.

We adamantly focus exclusively on winemaking an average of 3 months out of the year. The harvest is one of the best parts of the winemaking process, but it is also very intense, and we commit ourselves, body and soul, 7 days a week, to making sure everything turns out as well as possible.


Crafting fine wine means matching the right grape with the right soil, rootstock, trellis system, row orientation, slope, and pruning regimen. After that, although there’s plenty of nurturing to do throughout the year – it’s nature that does the rest.

Impreziv World-Class Wine

We thrive in making fine wines that enrich the taste & soul.


The Brand


Who/what is IMPREZIV?

A love for Subaru Imprezas paired with lasting impressions, resulting from our founder, Monica Silva’s impressive car modifying creations, lead to her long-time nom de plume—Impreziv.


Fast-forward to 2018, where a name embodying Ms. Silva’s tremendous love and passion for cars, “Impreziv”, was now to also represent yet another passion of hers—wine.

Thus, Impreziv Wines was born, quickly taking off with Impreziv Cabernet Sauvignon – a serious yet approachable Red, and Impreziv Sauvignon Blanc with its refreshingly crisp, tropical notes and amazing versatility, introduced in 2019.


Passion & dedication to making worldclass wine is what has helped elevate Impreziv Wines as one of Napa Valley’s iconic brands. It requires great vineyards. It demands a committed, passionate winemaking team. And it calls for an investment in craftsmanship. We’ve gathered it all at Impreziv.

We commit ourselves to producing top-quality wines while looking into the future  to ensure exceptional wines in the glass.

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